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Quotes for all projects are custom generated by our team.  The more detailed the information that is supplied by the client, the more detailed and accurate the quote will be.  We suggest meeting with the client and collecting the information necessary to generate an accurate quote.  This takes time as most clients haven’t fully thought through the process or are lacking some of the finishes and fixtures that will need to be selected.  We can guide you through this process and have several sources of plumbing, lighting, and  building materials needed to make your project successful!  Please fill out the form below to begin the quote process.

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Whether we build your home or not, we would happy to help anyone obtain housing. We believe housing is a civil right for everyone. Affordable housing, custom housing, and remodeling jobs all fill that purpose.

Affordable apartments enable those on fixed incomes to develop a new life within the apartment community. Building a sense of community is especially important for the elderly.  It’s our mission in life… building community.

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