Reliable construction service since 1999.

Our Services

Elderly Communities & Apartments

IGB has the ability to execute your development in a specific time period at a precise budget.  We have developed many projects and will continue to provide healthy and safe housing with gracious amenities for its residents.

Custom Design Build Homes

We provide the highest quality homes, at the best available price, period.  IGB has designed its own custom homes as well as built or modified plans to suit our clients’ needs.

ADA Compliant & Affordable Homes

IGB recognizes the need for quality housing at an affordable cost and we meet the need above par.  Our affordable homes continually score at the highest level for energy efficiency providing our customers with extremely low utility bills.

Renovations, Additions, & Small Projects

IGB remodels and upgrades homes, businesses, and apartments.

Why us?

Competitive Pricing

We know how to set prices competively and we work hard to ensure cost containment during each step of the construction process.  The fact that we are proactive about cost containment helps you aquire your finished project at the lowest cost possible.

Size is not a problem.

We build homes from 900 sq feet to apartment complexes over 150,000 sq. feet.  No matter the size, care is taken to deliver a high quality product.

Over 100 Years With Family In The Business, 18 Years Operating IGB.

Our family has been in the construction business since the early 1900’s. Innovative Green Builders was formed in 1999.

Great Support

From start to finish, we have your back. We take the utmost care when planning your project and communicate with you along the way to ensure things are right.